Mapping and documenting collective movements by game workers striving to improve their working conditions.

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New York🇺🇸United States🤝 union

Hex Workers United demands union recognition

🇺🇸United States💥 strike

SAG-AFTRA workers vote for strike over the Interactive Media Agreement

Rochester, NY🇺🇸United States

Workinman Interactive Workers Unite


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Boston🇺🇸United States🤝 union

Proletariat workers at Activision Blizzard form union and request recognition


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Los Angeles, California🇺🇸United States⚖️ legal

Riot Games ordered to pay out $100 million in settlement over gender discrimination

🇺🇸United States🇨🇦Canada🤝 union

Vodeo Workers Unite the first video game union to be recognised in North America

🇺🇸United States💥 strike

Activision Blizzard workers go on strike and crowdfund for $1,000,000 strike fund


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Southern California🇺🇸United States🛠 worker organising

GWU Los Angeles and GWU Orange County merge to form Game Workers of Southern California

Qormi🇲🇹Malta⚖️ legal🤝 union

General Workers Union files court injunction to stop NetEnt layoffs

Chicago, Illinois🇺🇸United States💼 collective bargaining🤝 union

Cards Against Humanity workers ratify collective bargaining agreement


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🇪🇸Spain🛠 worker organising

Launch of Game Workers Unite Spain

🇨🇳China🌐 online protest

Online protests follow the sacking of videogame designer at NetEase

🇫🇷France💥 strike

Workers in STJV strike for 54 days against government proposed pension reforms


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Washington, DC🇺🇸United States🛠 worker organising

Launch of Game Workers Unite DC

Orange County, California🇺🇸United States🛠 worker organising

Launch of Game Workers Unite Orange County


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🇺🇸United States🤝 union💼 collective bargaining

SAG-AFTRA strike ends with a deal

🇫🇷France🤝 union

Workers form Syndicate of Video Game Workers (or STJV)


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1 action


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Wuhan🇨🇳China💥 strike

Strike of workers at Foxconn factory that make Xbox consoles

Workers at a Foxconn factory in Wuhan that assemble Xbox video game consoles protest over a job dispute. Estimates ranged from 80 to 200 workers involved in the strike. Foxconn announced it was close the production line for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console and transfer some workers to other roles, but then reneged on paying severance to other workers. Workers climbed onto the roof of a factory dormitory, with some threatening to jump to their deaths. This follows collective actions in factories that produce technology for other companies, including Apple.


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Clermont-Ferrand🇫🇷France💥 strike

Prizee workers go on strike to protest layoffs


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🇺🇸United States🤝 union💼 collective bargaining

SAG-AFTRA Reaches Agreement Over Game Voice Actor Strike

A strike by video game voice actors in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) was called off after a new agreement reached. The bargaining agreement includes a 36% increase in minimum pay, with 25% implemented immediately, as well as increased benefits and protections.


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1 action
🇫🇷France🌐 online protest

Launch of Ubifree virtual union website at Ubisoft


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Bay Area, California🇺🇸United States⚖️ legal

Former Atari workers win $600,000 in backpay


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Limerick🇮🇪Ireland💥 strike⛺️ occupation

Atari workers strike and occupy factory in Limerick


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Bay Area, California🇺🇸United States🤝 union💼 collective bargaining

Atari workers lose union recognition vote


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🇯🇵Japan💥 strike

Nintendo workers go on hunger strike to stop the relocation of a factory

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