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Clermont-Ferrand🇫🇷France💥 strike

Prizee workers go on strike to protest layoffs

On the 22nd of September 2009,, then a leader of freemium online casual gaming, announced a plan to layoff more than half of its workforce, claiming financial difficulties. The CGT union and workers representatives publicly denounced this claim on the 22nd of October, citing the company's 2009 €11,000,000 turnover. They also denounced the company's lack of favorable offer for laid-off workers, and future prospects for the ones keeping their job.

Workers went on strike on the 23rd of October to ask for better benefits, non-discriminatory selections criteria, and a long term strategy to keep the company afloat. After further layoffs in 2014, the historical Clermont-Ferrand office was closed down, and the company ceased all activity in 2019.

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CGT Fédération des Sociétés d'Études
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