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Gamechuck signs the first collective agreement in the Croatian gaming industry

Gamechuck signed the collective agreement, the first in the Croatian gaming industry. 10 of 16 Gamechuck employees are unionized and in September last week had started work on drafting the collective agreement with the legal team of Novi Sindikat (The New Trade Union) union. The collective agreement was finished early this year, with negotiations taking place some two months before signing the document.

As the workers explained: "In the collective agreement, we formalized many of our current internal practices such as a shorter work-day, higher number of paid vacation days and business transparency. With collective agreement in place and guaranteed legal representation, we feel more secure that our internal practices will be respected in times of hardship. We also have a document that we can present as a template to other workers in the industry, to motivate them to ask a similar action from their employer too."

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