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Twitch Blackout (Apagão da Twitch)

The Twitch Blackout was a movement of streamers (small and medium) and spectators of Amazon's streaming service, The mobilization arose as a reaction organized by a group of people opposed to a global change in the subscription policy of viewers to match local currencies, announced in May 2021 and implemented in Latin America on July 27 the same year by the platform. The campaign also appeared as a more forceful response to the lack of politicization by the Streamers Union, created two weeks earlier. 30 major streamers with followers counts between 18k and 500k presented themselves as leaders and major figures in the movement.

The movement was a response to a very significative action of the platform in Brazil, which reduced the transfer of the values referring to the viewers' subscriptions, due to two factors: first, converting the values that were paid in dollars to the local currency (BRL), and then reducing the percentage actually received by streamers, of each subscription.

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